The MP4 file format can be used to store both video and audio files. It is widely used by many MAC based products including the iTunes, iPod, iPhone, and iPad. It is a prefered storage method because of the reduced file space it requires to save files. However it is not compatible with many types of audio players and is therefore not always used by computer savvy individuals. Instead the much more common audio format is MP3 which can be used in most portable players. Like MP4 it compresses the files to the point that they may be stored without using too much space on a computer’s hard drive.

It is very easy to convert from MP3 to MP4 there are a multitude of products available to do this many of which are straightforward and will not take much time to convert these files. However for many tracks conversion may take a little while longer.

Some of the more useful converters include iTunes and MP4 to MP3 converter. Both are fairly easy to use and very accessible over the internet.

Conversion using itunes

  1. Load iTunes.
  2. Once in iTunes you can then choose the files you would like to convert.
  3. After this go to Preferences to initiate the conversion process.
  4. Once in Preferences go to the advanced option and click the Importing option and chose MP3 Encoder.
  5. You may adjust the settings, however if you are not comfortable making these changes because you are not that familiar with the converter or the application select the custom settings which will be fine. However if you are changing the original default settings ensure you select the appropriate bitrate.
  6. To begin conversion go to the advance tab and select Convert Selection to MP3.
  7. For one song this will be completed fairly quickly however for a few more you may have to wait a bit.
  8. After the conversion has finished you will be able to see both original and converted tracks.
  9. You can then rename and confirm any changes you would like to make.
  10. You now have a playable MP3.

Conversion using MP4 To MP3 Converter

For those who prefer the free experience this one is for you. You may use MP4 to MP3 converter which is a free converter tool that can be downloaded at the website. In a few simple steps you will be able to hear your quality MP3 after the program has completed converting your files.

  1. Go to the website and download the program, install it following the instructions, this will only take a few minutes.
  2. Click the Add Files option to add songs to your converter. To remove any songs from the list simple click the Remove button found at the list box.
  3. You may select Option if you would like to adjust a few settings, however like itunes, the default is usually fine.
  4. Finally click convert and wait for your files to be converted.
  5. Once converted listen to the quality of the newly converted tracks to ensure that they are to your liking.
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